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IBK Kungälv

Club name IBK Kungälv
Shirt colors White / White / Black
Teams Boys 11 1, Boys 11 2, Boys 12, Boys 14, Girls 14, Girls 16
Country Sweden

39 games played


About IBK Kungälv

IBK Kungälv was one of 115 clubs from Sweden that had teams playing during Gothia Innebandy Cup 2019. They participated with 6 teams in Boys 11, Boys 12, Boys 14, Girls 14 and Girls 16 respectively. Two teams played until Final in Playoff A; Boys 14 lost against CL98IC by 2-3 and Girls 16 lost against Hovslätts IK by 1-2.

IBK Kungälv comes from Kungälv which lies approximately 17 km from Göteborg, where Gothia Innebandy Cup takes place. The area around Kungälv does also provide 26 additional clubs participating during Gothia Innebandy Cup 2019 (Among others: Pixbo Wallenstam IBF, Lindome IBK, Mölndals IBF, Lindås Rasta IBK, Öckerö IBK, Frölunda IBK, Landvetter IBK Wings, Ale IBF, Eken IBK and FBC Lerum).

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